A leaner, greener approach to water

Take pre-bottled water for instance, considerable oil and electricity goes into making, transporting and selling each one generating significant carbon emissions. Following their short-lived use, disposal and recycling inevitably consume yet more energy, and create more waste. Avoiding or reducing water should therefore take priority over recycling.

BRITA Vivreau’s main fed drinking water dispensers eliminate the waste and CO2 emissions with buying, transporting and storing pre bottled water. Moreover, they reduce the number of plastic containers that have to be manufactured, conserving precious natural resources – and shrinking your ecological foot print even further.

Install drinking water dispensers

Filtered water straight for the mains avoids the waste associated with manufacturing, packing, transporting and storing bottles.

Further reducing paper waste

The Concept of the paperless office is nothing new. And increasing digital processes and electronic media should significantly reduce paper waste.

By Digitising and disseminating data via USB flash drives, paper water us avoided. Moreover, after they have fulfilled their tasks, the drives can be reused.

Switch to LED lighting

Capable of operating for approximately 15,000 hours, an LED quickly outlasts a typical lightbulb that lasts 1000 hours.

Dematerialise the workplace

The dematerialisation of electronics work-stations i.e. providing fewer or smaller devices with the same functionality, can contribute to waste avoidance.

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