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Vivreau launches the new ViTap Plus

Advanced water systems specialist Vivreau, has introduced the ViTap Plus to its product portfolio. Described as the next generation of the hugely popular ViTap, the ViTap Plus now boasts a brand new tap design with height extension, meaning that bottles, as well as glasses can be filled with ease.

The ViTap Plus offers all the same great benefits of the original ViTap in being able to dispense purified boiled, chilled still or chilled sparkling water from the same space saving font, but now has the added benefit of being tall enough to accommodate Vivreau’s market leading Table Water Bottles.

Perfect for outlets that demand the benefits of bottled water, but without having sufficient space for a separate system, the ViTap Plus features icebank refrigeration technology, capable of dispensing up to fifty litres of chilled water every hour. And now, with the added height extension, operators can implement reusable Designer glass bottles for optimum eco-aware practise.

Stephen Charles, Managing Director of Vivreau explains how this latest development is a step in the right direction for the Vivreau brand:
“Purification and filtration at the source allows businesses utilising the ViTap to reduce their carbon footprints significantly. Now the ViTap Plus can cut this figure down further – something which is very exciting for Vivreau, as we pride ourselves on the ability to improve outlets’ sustainability.”

Utilising the very latest advances in touch control technology, the ViTap Plus beverage system merges sleek aesthetics with a user interface that has been developed for the upmost hygiene – no dirt traps. And with a sleep mode, anti-leak detection and intelligent safety feature, the ViTap Plus serves to increase the efficiency of any setting.

Fitting onto a worktop with all the mechanics neatly installed beneath, the mains-fed ViTap Plus completely eliminates any transportation and waste issues normally associated with pre-bottled mineral waters. For those where boiling water needs are above average, an optional high capacity 10-litre Vi Max water boiler is available to provide the ideal solution for high footfall outlets including cafes, conference rooms and breakfast bars.

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