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Make drinking water accessible to all With the new Vivreau DDA Module

From cafés and coffee shops to conference centres and the workplace, accommodating the needs of an abundance of customers within self-service operations can be tricky. The ease of use and accessibility of each facility within your outlet must be taken into consideration, where these factors are highly influential on an establishment’s success.

The DDA Module from Vivreau has been designed to address these issues. With access to a drinking water provision being a key concern in the research process of the product’s development – primarily from, but not limited to a wheelchair location – the DDA Module ensures ease of use with Vivreau ViTap in a multitude of environments, including hospitals, care homes and the workplace.

The module is installed remotely from the ViTap system, and is mounted at the most convenient position for use, also avoiding any safety issues where the dispense of boiling water is concerned. It can be mounted on a wall near to the equipment, as well as at the front of or underneath a worktop – whichever works best for the location of the equipment and the customer’s needs – based on a feasibility study undertaken by the client before implementation.

The DDA Module works in an organisation’s favour in terms of company ethos, too, as Stephen Charles, Managing Director of Vivreau enthuses:
“Installing the DDA Module alongside other Vivreau equipment such as the ViTap or ViTap Plus ensures that the users’ needs come first with every serve. In an array of locations, the benefits of the module will ultimately increase customer satisfaction, in turn suggesting the business ethos, whether cost or profit sector, incorporates customer care as a top priority.”

The user will place their drinking vessel on the drip tray of the ViTap or ViTap Plus, before selecting the dispense options they require in order to serve their chosen beverage. The still or sparkling, boiling or chilled water will pour until the button is released.

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