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Network Your Drinking Water To Reduce Carbon Footprint

For many businesses, reducing carbon footprint is a big part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans. Vivreau explain how changing your water dispensing systems could improve your environmental credentials.

The smart business has figured out that being properly responsible can reap long term rewards and improve profitability. Water should be an important consideration in these plans, in particular the way that drinking water is made available, and that’s where Vivreau comes in.

Vivreau is a global leader and innovator in the development and manufacture of purified drinking water systems, specialising in the highest quality drinking water products and consistently excellent service. As pioneers of the Table Water Bottling System, Vivreau’s key products also include the ViTap, LinkLine and reusable Designer glass bottles.

The LinkLine system from Vivreau is an inventive solution to traditional water flow in large buildings. The system requires a single chiller unit to offer filtered chilled still and sparkling or even boiling hot water, at multiple locations, on varying floors, across an entire building. LinkLine is a method of networking your water supply, just as you would a communication network. LinkLine will continuously re-circulate the water around the pipes to ensure that freshness is guaranteed.

LinkLine is environmentally superior as it eliminates the need for regular deliveries of pre-bottled water, thus lessening the impact on the environment through reduced transport pollution. When installed with Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System, the disposal of large quantities of glass or plastic waste from pre-bottled water purchase is eradicated.

Leading global research, educational and professional publishers, Springer Nature, were looking for a space saving and environmentally-friendly water solution for their UK headquarters in London when they discovered Vivreau. Springer Nature has a large number of meeting rooms on campus holding up to 30 people at a time. John Haskell, Contracts Manager at Springer Nature agreed that part of Vivreau’s appeal was the environmentally-friendly aspect.
Springer Nature initially opted for Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System, which dispenses unlimited quantities of filtered chilled still and sparkling water in-house. Reusable Designer glass bottles are used to serve water and can be branded with a company logo, as well as include an environmentally-friendly message; an excellent extension to existing branding, perfectly suited to any boardroom. (click here to see our Table Water Bottling System in action)

After the first installation, Springer Nature was so impressed that they proceeded to install four LinkLine systems across the campus, one Table Water Bottling System and 30 ViTap systems.

Kevin Winchester, Head of Business Development at Vivreau commented: “We’ve been working with Springer Nature for a number of years. There were some space issues for their tea points and by using the LinkLine system they have effectively removed all the localised chillers throughout the whole complex. LinkLine is up to 45% more cost-effective than installing multiple individual units and up to 55% more energy efficient.”

John Haskell, Contracts Manager at Springer Nature explained: “If we had the same number of units on each floor with a regular chiller, we would require 30 chillers in total. With the LinkLine systems we have in place, we have four high performance ice bank units providing a network of purified water across the entire campus.”

The LinkLine system also comes with a Control Management System (CMS) which is designed to monitor the performance of the LinkLine Master Control Unit (MCU) as well as the services provided by the client. The CMS is an essential tool to ensure optimum performance of the system particularly as each MCU controls multiple drinking water dispense points in one building.

It is also used as an aid to the on-site technical/vending team to monitor the performance of the system, enabling immediate action to be taken if required. The Vivreau LinkLine CMS as standard will monitor the following:

- Power
- Mains water pressure
- CO2 bottle replacement

Four email contacts can be added to the alert list (two customer contacts and two Vivreau contacts) emails will be issued to all contacts to inform them of any changes in the monitoring conditions.

In a typical busy Facilities Department the CMS is like another reliable member of staff overseeing the day-to-day running of the LinkLine system and bringing reassurance that any changes in the above activities will be reported immediately.

The ViTap dispenses mains-fed filtered chilled still and sparkling or even instant boiling hot water from one single tap with a touch sensor control and zero splash. (click here to see our ViTap in action)

Incorporating high-performance ice bank refrigeration, the ViTap is capable of delivering high quantities of chilled water. The high spec boiler can also produce up to four cups of water per minute at 97 degrees, the perfect temperature for tea! There is even an intelligent safety feature on the ViTap which prevents boiling water from being dispensed by accident.

John Haskell, Contracts Manager at Springer Nature commented: “I would say that the ViTap system is one of the most used items of equipment that we have on the premises. With the proximity of the ViTap, staff are constantly topping up their bottles and taking them back to their desks, so they rehydrate on a regular basis.”

The ViTap is also hygienic, promoting a healthier workplace. Hygiene has been at the heart of each stage of the design process, from the dirt-free touch pad, purposefully shallow drip tray (because your drinking water dispenser is not a sink) and the ability to fill water bottles without nozzle contact (no more bottle germs), to the removable dispense nozzle for cleaning.

Stephen Charles, Managing Director of Vivreau is extremely proud of the Award winning ViTap: “The ViTap not only looks fantastic, but boasts a perfect flow of water with zero splash. It incorporates a power-saving option to reduce electricity consumption and obviously because it filters at source, it reduces a company’s carbon footprint significantly, in comparison to buying in pre-bottled water.

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