Dir of Ops Fairmont, Boston

Vivreau offers a successful, environmental alternative to bottled water. A Certified Green Restaurant® will earn 3.5 points for using Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System. We’ve had many member restaurants completely eliminate their bottled water while reaping higher profits and helping the environment.

Michael Oshman

Our Clients - Testimonials

Gerard Mauvis - Director of Operations, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

VIVREAU presents a more sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and an attractive presentation, making it an appealing choice for our guests. Partnering with VIVREAU has proven to be an environmental and guest service win for us.


Andrew Tennis - Food & Beverage Director, Aspen Meadow Resort, Dolce Hotels & Resorts, Wyndham Worldwide

Our key motivator for switching to a VIVREAU water program was to conserve tap water that was being poured unnecessarily. We are proud that we made the environmentally responsible choice without sacrificing quality.


Dave Clyne - RetDev Consulting

It is important when working on a large project that you form good relationships with not just your immediate project team, but second and even third tier suppliers. Having just completed a large office development in central London, I was particularly impressed with the way in which the team at Vivreau communicated and delivered their product and offer. To that end I would highly recommend Vivreau for any prospective organisation seeking a quality service to accompany a quality product


Paul Gardner - Head of Dining Services for Nomura

Paul Gardner, Head of Dining Services for Nomura, says: "I don't think there's a major building now that would not look to install a filtered water system. We go the extra mile and offer sparkling water too and the LinkLine system makes it very easy to do that. It comes in through the main feed in the basement and up through the building to each of the beverage points."


Stuart Kotchie - Program Manager for the Environment Agency

Stuart Kotchie, Program Manager for the Environment Agency – “As the dispense taps offer both boiling and chilled water, staff can use the same equipment for hot and cold drinks and with boiling water always available, there is less waiting around for the kettle to boil or the boiler to reach temperature. In a company where the negative effects of water is at the top of everyone’s agenda, either through issues on flooding or drought, it is good to see the positive aspects coming to the fore.”


Ben Downer - Facilities Asset Supplier Relationship Manager, The Co-operative Group

“Once we discovered the Vi tap and realised that it could provide chilled, still and sparkling water, as well as boiling hot water from the same font, the benefits became clear. The V i taps have been placed throughout the building, not only at the small kitchen units on each floor, but also within the cafeteria, staff welfare area and restaurant. The Vivreau equipment has been accepted very well by both the staff and caterers, and means that we always have both boiling and chilled water on tap whenever it is required."


Govert F Deketh - Manager - Marriott Hotels

The easy to use Vivreau V3 Bottler system allows us to offer stylish, designer bottles in an environmentally-friendly manner. We not only use it to provide complementary filtered water to guests staying at the hotel, but also to provide an environmentally-friendly water choice which our clientele can purchase in the hotel bar.


Gerard Mauvis - Dir of Ops Fairmont, Boston

Vivreau presents a more sustainable alternative to plastic bottles complemented by an attractive presentation, making it an appealing choice for our guests,” said Gerard Mauvis, Director of Operations at The Fairmont Copley Plaza. “Utilizing Vivreau has allowed us to replace the 30,000 plastic bottles we were using in the hotel each year with reusable glass bottles. Partnering with Vivreau has proven to be a win for us from an environmental and guest service perspective.


Michael Oshman - Dir of Ops Fairmont, Boston

Vivreau offers a successful, environmental alternative to bottled water. A Certified Green Restaurant® will earn 3.5 points for using Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System. We’ve had many member restaurants completely eliminate their bottled water while reaping higher profits and helping the environment.


Alessandro Piombino - General Manager, Galvin La Chapelle & Café a Vin.

"We have used a Vivreau Table Water Bottling System ever since we opened in November 2009 and we have been extremely pleased with the whole service. The installation was a breeze, machinery is excellently maintained by Vivreau and staff are 100% happy with the Bottler’s performance – and the response from customers has been incredibly positive too. On a typical day we provide over 150 bottles of water."


Jeremy Bradshaw - Conference Manager, Leeds Metropolitan University

“The Vivreau Table Water Bottling System has transformed the way we use water within the University. It is very simple to use, produces deliciously fresh, chilled still and sparkling water, and the bottles look fantastic within the conferencing areas of the University. Furthermore, it has helped us to improve our sustainable credentials, making us a gold Meetings Industry Association member. I would have no hesitation in recommending a Vivreau Table Water Bottling System to other universities.”


Deborah Tilbrook - Events Operations Manager, Sheffield University

"When we began looking at different options for supplying water to our conference delegates, we contacted Vivreau who gave a comprehensive demonstration of their in-house water bottling system and carried out a survey to ensure that the system was suitable. The Department of Accommodation and Commercial Services at Sheffield Universityhas a diverse portfolio of venues and the water system needed to be able to fill a large number of bottles in a short space of time. Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System offered the perfect solution as it is able to filter 108 750ml bottles of water in less than 30 minutes."


Robert Gordon - Executive Director, Columbia University, New York, NY

We were looking to reduce our dependence on both still and sparkling waters. Installing Vivreau all but shouts ‘reduce, reuse, recycle.’ The system eliminates plastic bottles, their refuse, and significantly reduces carbon emissions. Our Vivreau water system speaks to the core of all that we do.


Luke Thomas - Head Chef , Luke's Dining Room, Sanctum on the Green

“We had been selling a well-known bottled water brand for some time, but the problem was that to make any sort of profit, the bottles were costing more than the starters. “We made a conscience decision early on that ‘in your face branding’ is not applicable within Luke’s Dining Room, therefore opportunities that allow for subtle reinforcement of the brand should be embraced with open arms. When we received the Designer bottles we knew that we had made the right decision – they look fantastic!“


Louise Neilson. - Openings and Development Manager, Côte Restaurants

For the last two years, Côte Restaurants’ has served Vivreau filtered water as part of the unique dining service offered in our restaurants. We’re renowned for offering value for money and the filtered water is offered free of charge to customers. This not only benefits our patrons, but the environmental benefits from the low carbon footprint associated with locally bottled water also satisfy the management team, who are also very happy with the service provided by Vivreau.


Russell Jeffrey - Owner of The Wellington Inn

“I previously, as a matter of courses gave diners complimentary jugs of water throughout dinner, but was intrigued on the profit potential of the Vivreau Table Water Bottling System to counteract the rising costs associated with running a public house today. I really liked the idea of being able to charge for my water provision; however I was also very conscious that the customer needed to be happy with the new arrangement. Therefore I ran a 12 week trial, where I offered 1 litre bottles of branded water for which I charged, however I gave refills free of charge.”


Simon Baldwin - Development Director, The Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall

“Since we opened in August 2009, our core commitment to sustainability has focused on drinking water; and being conscious of the carbon footprint created by transporting bottled water with all its associated packaging, we chose to install a Vivreau Table Water Bottling System. Staff find the Bottler reliable and easy to use – the installation itself was a ‘no fuss’. Vivreau water is served throughout the hotel - in guest bedrooms, at the bar and in the restaurant. In keeping with our full service ethic, we don’t charge for bottled water.”


Cheryl Bennett - General Manager, Main Event Caterers “2010 Caterers of the Year”, Arlington, VA

Main Event Caterers has taken another huge step in our quest for sustainability. The installation of our Vivreau water purification and filtration system allows us to bottle our own still and sparkling waters while completely eliminating our use of water in plastic bottles, which in turn eliminates the carbon footprint of their production, transportation and recycling. Add to that the fact that the water is fresher and better tasting and you have a recipe for success!


Michael Blackie - Executive Chef, National Arts Centre of Canada, Ottawa, ON

What’s hot… Bottling your own water the Vivreau way. Reduced carbon footprint, no packaging, less storage and almost-limitless supply.


Laurie Farnum - Clubhouse Manager, National Club, Toronto, ON

We fill and serve over 300 bottles a day with our Vivreau system. Our Members just love the system, the idea, and of course the bottles with our name on them.


Robert Clark - Executive Chef, C Restaurant, Nu Restaurant, Raincity Grill, Vancouver BC

With Vivreau’s water filtering system we are now able to offer our guests a local, purified and sustainable water option. Vivreau has solved our problem of sourcing a local and sustainable supply of purified water. I want to thank Vivreau and their filtering system for contributing to the health of our planet.


Patrick Austin - Dir of Restaurant Operations, Glowbal Restaurant Group, Vancouver, BC

Glowbal Restaurant Group has enjoyed great success with Vivreau, from the installation, to the quality, to our guests and to our bottom line. We have increased our bottled water sales and presented guests with an affordable and ecofriendly option. Vivreau has been fully embraced by our clientele and our staff helping us achieve our goal of going green responsibly.


Fairmont Chateau Whistler - Whistler, BC (site of the 2010 Olympic Games)

We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Vivreau. Allowing us to bottle our own still and sparkling water has given us an opportunity to continue to go green responsibly and help reduce our impact on the environment.


Todd Gray - Executive Chef and Owner, Equinox Restaurant, Washington, DC

We choose to serve Vivreau water at Equinox Restaurant, not only for the quality and taste but we also appreciate the sophisticated style and their standard of excellence that mirrors ours. Vivreau’s environmental option allows our customers to feel good when ordering bottles of still and sparkling water.