• Instant hot water dispenser
  • instant hot water dispenser
  • table water cooler


Chilled still, sparkling and instant boiling hot water dispenser

ViTap...perfect water dispenser to suit all your needs, the Award winning ViTap is favoured by clients and suits any commercial or hospitality environment. Modern chrome finish to enhance your office kitchen, plus all your meeting room requirements from one tap! No more waiting for the kettle to boil, robust enough to deal with high demand.

  • Filtered chilled still, sparkling and instant hot water from one single tap
  • Touch sensor control
  • Perfect flow with zero splash
  • Brita descaling filter for a better tasting tea
  • Removable dispense nozzle for improved hygiene
  • NEW… extended height ViTap for bottle filling


  • New advanced modern design dispense tap
  • High performance refrigeration system delivering very high volumes of chilled drinking water at low temperatures
  • Touch control dispense with hot water safety feature
  • DDA compliant controls
  • Designed to fill sports bottles without the need for font extension
  • Perfect water flow with zero splash
  • Plumbed to waste flush fitting drip tray
  • Waste container with auto cut-off and alarm if waste provisions not available
  • Removable dispense nozzle for improved hygiene
  • Power saving option to reduce electricity consumption
  • Anti-leak detection as standard
  • Brita water filter fitted as standard
  • Vi Plus 1
  • Vi Plus twist

ViTap Plus